Conduct at Church Activities

Church events and activities can be fun, uplifting, and spiritually strengthening for everyone who attends. To reach these aims, all participants are invited to commit to follow the principles taught in For the Strength of Youth: A Guide for Making Choices. When you do, the experience will be better for everyone.

Please note that Church activities are not the time or place for romantic behavior or for conversations and actions that distract from the purpose of the event or activity.

If you participate in any of the following prohibited activities, leaders at the event or activity will speak with you, your parents, and your bishop or stake president.  These leaders may decide to send you home immediately.

  • Participating in or encouraging immoral behavior of any kind, which includes breaking the law of chastity or viewing or distributing pornography in any form
  • Shoplifting, theft, or vandalism of any kind
  • Breaking the Word of Wisdom, including vaping and possessing illegal or harmful substances
  • Possessing weapons or dangerous items of any kind (if specifically authorized, certain items may be provided and used in supervised activities)
  • Harming or threatening to harm yourself or others physically, spiritually, or emotionally, including bullying in any form or disrupting another’s experience
  • Leaving without following proper procedures, skipping scheduled activities without permission, or breaking curfew

Crimes and harmful or destructive incidents or pranks may be reported to local authorities, who will respond according to local law. Leaders follow the direction of these authorities.