1    sack lunch to be eaten after arrival at Base Camp.  Pack only non-carbonated drinks.  Consuming carbonated soda before hiking is not healthy.

1    large duffel bag or flour sack for your gear (line it with one of the heavy duty plastic garbage bags and come with all your gear inside).  No back packs.

1    warm sleeping bag

1    old blanket  (wool if possible)

1    jacket or long-sleeved sweatshirt

1    rain poncho or similar rain gear

1    plastic tarp to serve as a ground sheet and shelter from rain

1    old pair of tennis shoes or closed-toe water shoes (these may get wet)

1    pair of “broken in” shoes to hike in  (Don’t buy new ones.  Sturdy running or ‘tennis’ shoes will work fine if you don’t have hiking boots.)

4    pairs of sturdy socks (one pair you wear & bring 3 – you may want to bring thin liner socks as well)

4    sets of underclothing (one you wear & bring 3)

1    pie/metal plate and 1 large spoon

1    small hand towel and a comb or brush

1    toothbrush & toothpaste

5    band-aids and medication listed on the permission/medical release form only

1    set of old scriptures & pen in a Ziploc bag

2    heavy-duty plastic garbage bags

-     Chapstick, insect/mosquito repellent, sun block/sunscreen, deodorant


2    pair of khakis, canvas or cotton pants (no denim levis or jeans), one you wear & one you bring

2    long-sleeved shirts (no T-shirts), one you wear & one you bring

1    wide-brimmed western style hat (no baseball hats)

1    pair pajamas

1    pair suspenders (optional)


2    ankle-length, long-sleeved dresses or skirts and blouses (no denim or T-shirts), one you wear & one you bring (keep in mind you may get wet, so make sure clothing will be modest when wet)

1    bonnet

1    pair of knee-length bloomers (can be made out of old pajama bottoms or hospital pants)

1    apron with large pockets

1    flannel nightgown

-     feminine hygiene supplies


Leave your contacts at home, bring a pair of glasses instead

Camera (no cell phone cameras)

Pocket knife (no sheath knife)

Work gloves

You will arrive dressed in pioneer clothing.  Buy as much of your clothing as possible at second-hand or thrift stores.  Don’t wear good clothing that you wouldn’t want to subject to heavy use.