Youth Preparation - Ward/Unit Responsibilities:

Help the youth to prepare Spiritually - “Trust In The Lord."  As we trust in Jesus Christ and seek to do His will, we make a difference!”

  • Trek helps to recognize the commitment early church members had to accept his invitation to undertake a journey to  gather in the west where the church could thrive and grow.
  • Trek can symbolize our own spiritual journey when we commit to follow the Savior and assist with the gathering of saints today.

Each unit should help the youth to prepare spiritually for Trek - following are some ideas that can be used in regular youth activity night:

  • Discuss President Nelson’s statement -
    • What does it mean to us, how can we be ready to fulfill…
  • Invite youth or adult unit members to share their “spiritual journey”.  How have they come to the spiritual knowledge and commitment they now have?
    • This should involve a variety of paths -since all have a unique path
    • Those whose conversion had been a path of continuous growth and commitment
    • Those with an “event” that had a key role in their conversion
  • Invite the youth to learn the circumstances and stories of the first person, pioneer, in their family history to join the church. Share those stories in a youth or Ward/Unit activity.
  • Invite youth to help Ward/unit members to document their spiritual journey and store it in Family Search for the members descendants and family to have and learn about them.

Help the youth to prepare physically for the Trek.

  • Review the church's Trek Safety page and videos with the youth:
  • Discuss the physical challenges that may occur with Trek - and how to be prepared. Review checklists and requirements on the Website
    • Ability to walk 4-8 miles per day while pulling/pushing a handcart
    • Conduct a youth hike of 3 miles in an hour or less
    • Be prepared for rain, heat, cold etc. - proper clothing
    • Provide information and support to youth for getting pioneer clothing
  • Invite Brother and Sister Pariseau to join you in a Trek preparation at your unit - to include Q&A
  • Within 2 weeks of Trek start, perform a “gear check” with the youth to ensure that all have the proper equipment and clothing to prepare for Trek.

Logistics:  Each unit is responsible to transport their youth to the Gathering Point and to pick them up at the end of Trek and return them home.