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Camping Resources

The purpose of these pages is to provide a few ideas and to spark your imagination.  These are just ideas...there are many more fun opportunities than what is listed here.  It is our hope that the youth leaders in each Ward/Branch will be inspired to go out and HAVE FUN!

You might be asking yourself "I thought we were done camping when we left Scouting?"  President Stephen Owens, Young Men General President said the following:

"Campouts and outdoor activities are important. It’s up to you to decide how to make them work where you live. Where circumstances allow, young men should hold one multi-day camp per year. In addition, three to six other overnight activities are encouraged."

The Aaronic Priesthood Quorum Camp Guidebook gives this counsel: "camps can help create settings away from the distractions of life where it may be easier for young men to feel the Spirit, increase their faith in Christ, and make commitments to follow Him."

In short, camping provides young men with an invaluable experience that will help them learn valuable leadership skills and help them form strong quorum bonds while helping them to grow spiritually.

Below are some Outdoor Adventure ideas.  The Area Presidency has given general guidelines on the kinds of activities that require permission.  Please be familiar with these guidelines as you plan your Outdoor Adventure.  This ideas listed here do not require Area Presidency permission unless otherwise noted.

Have questions? Need some more ideas? Contact a member of the Stake Young Men's Presidency.